Pata Estofado

The ideal blend of sweet, harsh, and exquisite, pata estofado is a good, filling stew that addresses Filipinos’ adoration for striking flavors. With a collection of fixings with differing tastes, this dish joins the chewy, greasy pork we love with vinegar, soy sauce, and caramelized sugar – – also the sweet and tropical banana!

Pata Estofado Recipe
This dish will in general utilize pork shoulder, yet today I have selected, all things being equal, to utilize the delicious pork sell we as a whole know and love – – pata! While some may just know pata from the firm pata that is tracked down a home in numerous Filipino festivals, pata is really helpful in different dishes! In pata estofado, for instance, this surprising pork slice can retain every one of the scrumptious flavors our estofado brings to the table.

Taking a gander at the elements of this dish, you might see two or three similitudes pork estofado has to another exemplary Filipino dish: adobo. For sure, the blend of vinegar and soy sauce with a filling meat might ring a bell to many; adobo, all things considered, is extraordinarily famous the nation over! Be that as it may, what makes this pata estofado stand apart is the presence of a rich and sweet tasting banana! Splendid and yellow, this natural product most loved loans not exclusively its invigorating taste to this dish – – it lights up your dish, as well! Bananas’ variety stands apart from the other more obscure elements of pata estofado – – and it tastes unbelievable, also!

One more significant part of the dish is the caramelized sugar! With different sauces of this pata estofado inclining more towards an exquisite flavor profile, the earthy colored sugar we’ll utilize is critical to this dish’s pleasantness. Caramelized sugar functions admirably on both the pata and bananas, adding a sweet, rich layer to this dinner. Joined with soy sauce and white vinegar, you genuinely get the ideal combo of sweet and appetizing – – the smartest scenario imaginable!

Whether you need to treat yourself with an ideal chomp or need to impart it to your family, this pata estofado makes certain to be a #1 at any eating table, regardless of how large or little. This recipe requires some investment to make your pata completely delicate, however believe that the outcomes are most certainly worth the effort! How about we attempt this pata estofado together!

The most effective method to Cook Pata Estofado
Pata Estofado
Before really cooking your pata estofado, you really want to heat up your 2 lbs. of pork pata for around 15 minutes. Cut 2 bananas and one carrot, and hack 3 cloves of garlic also. Remember to set up your different fixings, as well! These incorporate your earthy colored sugar, soy sauce, white vinegar, dried sound leaves, entire peppercorn, water, and cooking oil. A piece of Knorr Pork Solid shape is likewise sufficient to add a more profound flavor to this phenomenal dish.

How about we cook this pata estofado together! In the wake of warming 4 tablespoons of cooking oil in a skillet, add your bananas and broil each side. Once both are a pleasant earthy colored tone, eliminate your bananas from the skillet and put it away. In a similar skillet, and with the extra oil, sear the pork pata. This will require around 3 minutes for each side.

Then, add 3 cloves of slashed garlic straight over the oil, blending it and the pork together. Add your 8 tablespoons of earthy colored sugar and mix; this is the point at which the caramelization starts! When your sugar has softened and caramelized, pour your soy sauce, vinegar, and 4 cups of water into the pot. Cover and heat your pata estofado to the point of boiling prior to including your Knorr Pork Block. Close to this time, your entire peppercorn and dried sound leaves go in, as well.

Subsequent to blending every one of your fixings together, cover the pot and keep heating up your bata on low intensity until delicate; this ought to require something like 40 minutes. When your time is up, turn the pork pata over, cover the pot, and bubble for 40 minutes more.

The last things to add are your carrot pieces and broiled bananas. Subsequent to covering the pot, cook your pata estofado throughout the previous five minutes – – and afterward, presto! It’s at long last prepared!

Serve your pata estofado warm by moving it to a serving plate. With scoops of steaming white rice, share and partake in this sassy, delightful dish with your whole family! Tell us your thought process of this ideal pata estofado!

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Pork Estofado
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